Who’s Round is it?


Beer. This beverage of choice is one of the oldest drinks known to man and has undergone a few facelifts along the way. Dating back past 9000BC, it has managed to reinvent itself more than Take That and is just as popular!

Whether your tipple is Pale, Lambic, Wheat or Lager you can find even the rarest examples popping up in your local supermarket. With a number of craft beers and microbreweries popping up nowadays, it’s, therefore, getting much more difficult to pick one that suits you.


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Hatters Personalised Beer


Mine’s a Pint

5000 years ago, employers used to pay their employees with this tasty beverage. As trends are coming full circle, however, so is the office drinks trolley. Our Friends at Battlefield Brewery are teaming up with us to produce branded beer. Yes, you heard us right. That’s beer with your own logo or design on it and it’s super simple.

First, just give us your logo. Second, we will produce a slick looking label for your bottle. Third, we will put together a gift box to store them in. For those of you that want a few more than three bottles, we can also bulk produce them to ensure nobody is going thirsty this Friday afternoon!


Have a word with the boss… it sounds like it’s their round.


Beer hand personalised logo company branding


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