The Power of the Brand

The Power of the Brand

Since the dawn of time, we have been branding things. From farmers marking their livestock to 13th-century writers using watermarks. In today’s society, the power of the brand has revolutionised the way we do things and has helped businesses to either succeed or fail.
A brand should make you think, “Hmm I’d love to have one of those”, or “when can I try this?” Properly developing your brand adds value and makes you much more recognisable to a prospective customer. Everything from your logo on that business card you put in everyone’s hand, right through to the biscuits that you send out to all of your clients, “just because”. In this online generation, the physical product should not be overlooked.
A brand, however, is so much more than branding your name onto something. A real brand has the power to excite, inspire and engage you and it’s what sets you apart from everyone else in your field. Take Coca Cola for instance and the fact that it’s recognised by 94% of the population. (That’s approximately 7,050,000,000 people!) Coca-Cola primarily sells soft drinks, however, we still refuse to accept its Christmas time until the “Holidays are Coming” advert comes on the telly. How they get into our mind with something completely unrelated is a testament to the strength of their marketing and the true “power of the brand”



We constantly help our customers with their brand recognition and marketing through exciting and creative products. We can’t promise to make you the new Apple, however we can help you connect with your customers through the power of a pen or that 5 pm Friday beer with your company logo on it (we ACTUALLY do this for those lucky enough to have a work drinks trolley!) To get your customers thinking about you when they shouldn’t be thinking about you is the dream. Talk to us about how we can make this happen for you.

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Photo credit: Coca-Cola, Apple.